Established Funds

Whether you are interested in promoting community health and well-being, advancing arts and culture, providing affordable housing, or protecting the environment, CFGP can help you realize your philanthropic dream. Join the many individuals and businesses whose gifts are helping to make greater Peterborough the best place to live, work, learn and grow. 

Donate to an established fund
You can a make a single donation or set up a manageable monthly donation to many of our established funds. Because gifts are pooled and invested, every donation – no matter the size – has lasting impact.

Set up your own named fund
To learn more about the various fund types and how they work visit setting up a fund or contact CFGP.

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture Field of Interest Fund: A permanently endowed fund supporting arts and culture organizations in the City and County of Peterborough.

Art School of Peterborough Fund: A fund managed on behalf of the Art School of Peteroborugh to support of its activities. For more information or to make a donation to this fund please contact the Art School of Peterborough.

Barrett Fund: A fund that supports the charitable activities of The Peterborough Singers. For more information or to make a donation to this fund please contact The Peterborough Singers.

Bierk Art Fund: This fund was established to honour the memory and celebrate the life of Peterborough resident Liz Bierk. The fund supports innovative arts and culture projects in the City of Peterborough and surrounding area.

Gwen & Bill Brown Fund for the Arts: A fund honouring the artistic and cultural contributions of Gwen and Bill Brown through the support of artistic charitable projects and organizations throughout the community. More information

Market Hall Fund: A fund managed on behalf of Market Hall Performing Arts Centre to provide a source of income to support their charitable activities. To add your gift to this fund please contact Market Hall.

Children, Youth & Education

Camp Kawartha Kids Endowment Fund: This Fund provides subsidies to enable children and youth who encounter financial challenges to participate in summer camp and other outdoor/environmental education opportunities offered by Camp Kawartha. Read more.

Ferne Cristall English Language Learner Fund: This Fund honours teacher and mentor, Ferne Cristall, and provides a scholarship to a graduating high school English language learner. Read more.

Geddes Family Fund: Donna's Garden: This Fund honours the lifework of a mother, wife, and child advocate. Once it becomes active, grants from this Fund will support the unmet needs of children in the care of Kawartha-Haliburton Children's Aid Society.

Hailey’s Comet Fund: Established in honour of Hailey Holmes (full description pending)

Hallpike Fund: Created in memory of Dorothy Hallpike, Dean of Trafalgar Castle School from 1969 - 1981, this fund supports organizations that strive to inspire young people to follow their dreams and empower them to make a positive impact on the community.

Jack & Pat Bingleman Fund: A fund that focusses on grants to charities serving children, youth and education.

Kawartha Muslim Religious Association Fund for Women and Children: Established by KMRA with donations received after their mosque was deliberately burned, the fund provides yearly grants to Five Counties Children Centre and YWCA Crossroads Shelter. Read more.

Moustache Fund: Established by family and friends as a tribute to a humble and generous philanthropist, the Moustache Fund carries on a legacy of helping children and youth achieve their full potential through participation in sports, education, and the arts.

Peterborough Collegiate (PCVS) Lecacy Fund: (description pending)


GreenUP Fund: A permanent endowment fund supporting GreenUP - a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance environmental health in the Peterborough region by interpreting environmental concerns, facilitating positive action and providing services recognized as valuable by the community.

Kawartha Land Trust Stewardship Fund: A permanent endowment fund supporting Kawartha Land Trust programs to acquire and steward significant natural lands in the Kawarthas.

Peterborough Field Naturalists Legacy Fund: A permanent endowment fund supporting the charitable activities of the Peterborough Field Naturalists.

General Community Benefit

BarM5 Fund: Grants from this fund are directed by the donor in response to community needs.

Community Builders' Fund: The Community Builders' Fund supports the long-term vitality of the City and County of Peterborough. As our permanent community endowment, it provides grants to address significant community needs.

Directors' Fund: A flow-through fund established by the founding directors of CFGP, funds received are granted for immediate community needs.

Judy Heffernan Award Fund: A permanent endowment fund in memory of Judy Heffernan, former General Manager of the Community Futures Development Corporation (Peterborough), to enable the making of an annual award recognizing a businesswoman/entrepreneur who has served as a motivator, mentor and inspirer of women in the City and County of Peterborough. More information

Kamerin Fund: A permanent endowment supporting community needs consistent with the philanthropic interests of the donor.

Kelly-Phillips Family Fund: A donor-advised fund created by Brian and Lynne Kelly to enable their family to support charities delivering important programs and services within and beyond our community.

Linda & Allan Slavin Fund: An emerging fund being established by the Slavins to support charitable organizations that are addressing important community needs.

Michael Edwards Memorial Fund: An emerging fund established in memory of Michael Edwards.

Morris Family Fund: A permanent endowment established to support community needs consistent with the philanthropic interests of its founders.

Myrtle's Kitchen Food Security Fund: This provides funds toPeterborough Public Health's charitable programs and activities related to food security and sustainability.

Olive & Doug Kirk Fund: Through a gift from their estate and contributions from friends and family members, this fund provides on-going support to the YWCA Crossroads Shelter and the YMCA Balsillie Family Branch - Strong Kid's Campaign. Read more.

Peterborough Law Association - Bill Carruthers Fund: An expression of the Peterborough Law Association’s concern and contribution for those community needs which Bill Carruthers identified and supported. Read more.

Boyer Family Charitable Fund: Created by Michael Boyer, this donor-advised fund supports charities delivering programs and services of importance to the Boyer family and the communities where they live and work.


Housing Field of Interest Fund: A permanent endowment fund supporting charitable organizations contributing to affordable and sustainable housing related activities within the City and County of Peterborough.

Smart & Caring Communities

Cavan Monaghan and Millbrook Legacy Fund: A permanent endowment fund enriching the quality of life of those living in and around the township of Cavan Monaghan.
More information.

Mayor Bennett Fund: Set up by Mayor Daryl Bennett, this permanent endowment supports charitable activities in the City of Peterborough.

Social Finance

Social Finance Fund:A permanent endowment fund established by an anonymous donor to make social finance investments in the community. The fund is currently invested in the bond issue supporting the Mount Community Centre.

Support for CFGP

BG Fund: A donor-advised fund which, for the first three years, will grant its earned income to support the activities of the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough.

Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough Fund: This Fund supports the day-to-day operations of the Community Foundation to advance its mission to be the vital link between caring community members and causes that matter.

Qulliq Fund: A donor-advised fund, income from which is directed for the time being to CFGP. In future, it is intended to be used to support impactful initiatives led or coordinated by the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough, as directed by the donor.